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Other Informative Dental Education Sites

In addition to Radiant smile @ Floral Vale website, find below some dental web sites that would help to obtain knowledge about healthy dental lifestyles and oral hygiene care.

This website is developed by Academy of General Dentistry to provide dental care information.

American Dental Association

American Dental Association is the largest dental organization in the world. Provides Dental healthcare knowledge for all age groups including kids, teens, adults and the aged.

Contains a great variety of dental health care information including but not limited to dental care information for kids, adults, teens, pregnant women and geriatric patients.


The Invisalign web site provide all the information you should know about clear aligner techniques for kids, teens and adults.


Provides a wide variety of dental hygiene care information for members of the entire family.


Crest represents one of the most trusted dental care product brands.


Oral-B is also one of the widely known dental health care product brands. Oral-B manufactures the finest power tooth brush.

American Academy of Periodontology

American Academy of Periodontology is the world’s largest organization that unites periodontists. You can find useful information about gum disease.

Dental Health Online

This website provides animated information about various dental procedures.

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