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Crown & Bridges

Crown and bridge

The crown (cap) is a full covering that covers the tooth surface from all around, restoring its contours. A crown protects and preserves the tooth structure which cannot be achieved by filling or other types of restoration

When tooth needs crown?

  • RCT treated tooth –to protect remaining tooth structure.
  • Normal wears of outer tooth layer, which is called enamel.
  • Broken or fractured tooth.
  • To improve esthetic of teeth.

Type of crown

PFM (Porcelain fused to metal) crown

This type of crown is made of a metal substructure. A porcelain layer covers the top of the metal substructure. This type of crown was widely used in the olden days. It has weak esthetic values due to the metal substructure. Nowadays we make full porcelain crowns without the metal substructure.

Full porcelain crown

The full porcelain crown doesnít contain metal and is esthetically superior to the PFM crown.  


A bridge simply means multiple crowns joined together. When a tooth is missing, we prepare two adjacent teeth, connect them all together and replace the missing tooth. 

It would be better to replace a missing tooth with an implant. The implant crown does not damage the adjacent tooth.

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